Look Better & Feel Better.

Featuring innovative, patent-pending designs, our TruActivewear® and TruBra® series of yoga, running, training, and leisure clothes are where fit and fashion meet. Made with performance-enhancing, high-quality fabric, our products fit every stage of your lifestyle at an unbeatable price point.

Product Sampling

TruActivewear® Grey Leggings
TruActivewear® Performance Clothing
TruBra® Underwear and Tops
TruActivewear® Hoodies
TruActivewear® Charcoal Leggings with Pink Belt
TruActivewear® Gray Leggings
TruActivewear® Pajama Jeans
TruActivewear® Blue Underwear

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Intimatrend has partnered with many retailers in the continental United States to bring you the TruActivewear® and TruBra® experience. You can find our products in major department stores nationwide and also online through third-party merchants. To inquire about availability, please reach out to us using the contact form by clicking here.

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